Pop Media Pro’s services include video production, video editing, post-production, and motion graphics and animation.

All of this work is primarily performed by Michael Cohen, owner, and founder of Pop Media Pro. Some may call it a one-stop-shop or a very lean crew; Cohen calls it making video affordable for non-profits and businesses.

“I direct, produce, shoot and edit — I’m a one-man band,” Cohen said. “I have plenty of people to call upon for larger productions, but I usually work by myself to keep costs down for my clients.”

Cohen especially shines in interviewing people and helping them to genuinely emote on camera, express their vision, and share their valuable stories with the world.

“I like interacting with people, challenging them, and helping them express the content that will be most helpful for their mission,” Cohen said. “I know how to direct people so that they will say the words that will work best in the final video to help them reach their goals. 

I am a Producer and a Director but I think like an editor! The editing process is where it all comes together!”